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So shall it be... So it has been... There were five There are five… - us vs. them [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 10th, 2004|04:58 am]


[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

So shall it be...
So it has been...

There were five
There are five

They come
They go

United or seperated
still they are

Some are loved
others hated

One hunts
One Knows
One Dreams
One anialates
One opens

one leaves by deception
one is betrayed
one comes by deception
one is hidden until needed
one simply walked away...

What becomes a circle when there is not 5?
Do the elements stay all the same...
or does the glue that binds slacken on a rainy day?

For if a dreamer dreams not what does he become?
A "er"..
What happens to a hunters gear if she becomes a pacifest?
It weakens..
Where does the knowledge go without the loremasters?
Into the sands of time..
When will the wicked be delt with without the vanquishers?
Who keeps the shadows at bay if the light goes out?
No One!!

I was meditating before bed when a swag thunderstorm rolled through and as i've been on the outs with some dragons that will remain nameless...I have decided to walk away for a bit. The time is probably not the best yet it never is. I'll be in the shadows if needed. For that is where i belong, no matter what is said that is where i belong! While out on my stoop watchin the storm play through the area and certain dragons watchin from behind and others talking to me through the night sky i saw that there are deviders in my life. There is a "me" and then a "him". I long for the time when there is/was only a single person. Though i reopened "him" and said i would take him along w/ who i am. He is me and i am him, just different times perhaps. Time will tell but for the moment i'm on vacation, going to find the missing peices. When i return i shall be stronger and a bit more focused.
This is all, though my trip will take me to the mountains of the East and West. They know i'm coming for them and i seek them with an open heart.

- X